19th May 2017

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



1. What’s the difference between a fixed line and your service

There is no difference. The user still uses a phone set to make their calls.
The only difference is we use a wireless network to deliver your calls hence you don’t need a physical phone line.


2. What equipment’s are provided?

SIM Card, GSM Module or GSM Desktop Phone.


3. Is there a minimum subscription period?

Minimum 12 months subscription.*


4. When do you bill me?

We will bill you monthly.


5. Can I call overseas (IDD)?

Yes, kindly refer to the overseas calling list attached.


6. How long does It take for installation?

We will assign a dedicated installer within the region and process the registration within 7 working days.


7. Do I need to purchase equipment’s?

No purchase of equipment is required, equipment would be provided under the property of Elepoint Solutions.


8. Is there any additional equipment’s needed?

No, our solution can be added on to your existing equipment or as a standalone.


9. What documents is required for registration?

Your MyKad (or passport if you are not Malaysian). Form 9, form 24, form 49, photocopy IC, Passport (local company);
Form 79, Form 80, Form 80a, Form 83 or Form 83a (foreign-registered company).


10. What fees do I need to pay if I decide to subscribe?

One time registration fee of RM10/line and a deposit applies only for Enterprise / Sole Proprietor(s).
Charges will be billed after services commencement.


11. Can I terminate my subscription at any time?

Yes, however, a termination during your contract term is subject to a penalty of the remaining months of the contract.


12. Do we need to pay any advance payment?

1 month advance payment.