27th June 2015



Our Business Leased Lines service is a cost-effective and reliable solution that will keep your business one step ahead of the competition. It provides dedicated reliable, guaranteed and secured communication for crucial business applications such as email, data transfer, multimedia applications, e-banking, e-commerce and the World Wide Web (WWW). This is accomplished via a hybrid circuit-packet (TDM-IP) base technology platform. It is a private and dedicated Internet link that enables access to the WWW via a point-to-point exchange (CIX)node gateway, We Offer 99.5% SLA guaranteed uptime and multiple last mile access :

• Wireless Leased Line                                         • Metro-E fibre

•  Satellite Internet                                                • IPVPN Solutions



This is an end-to-end virtual private network that allows your HQ and your retail branches to be connected all times via ADSL or SDSL. that is fully secured and at a guaranteed high speeds.

This solutions is specially catered for SMIs/SMEs or retail outlets with multiple branches in Malaysia. We provide reliable primary Fibre broadband with wireless Internet backup to ensure seamless connectivity.

Features and Benefits :

  • Cost-effective IPVPN deployment with bandwidth ranging from 1Mbps and above, with fixed IP
  • All links come with automatic failover with secondary 3G or LTE Links.
  • Total Network Security as all links come with a single secure and fast VPN tunnel with 256-bit AES encryption (Military-Grade VPN Encryption) using Speed Fusion technologies.



We offer cost-effective managed point-to-point solution between 2 or more offices. By using state-of-the-art outdoor PTP bridge solutions, we are able to connect over-the-air to eliminate high deployment costs that come with conventional cable connections. This dedicated high speed connectivity is designed specifically to meet all types of business demand.



The enterprise network is the heart of all modern organisations. With an increasing usage of applications and software, the crucial task of maintaining and managing various network has become more challenging than ever. Elepoint Solutions provides professional network health check, audit and report consultancy to facilitate deep network visibility and true application intelligence.
We provide In-depth analysis of your company’s IT environment. We address the adequacy of controls and other connected operations to ensure optimum effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. We also monitor pre-determined threshold to assess potential fault and performance bottleneck. With our state-of-the-art system. you can access the following easily:

• Server Monitoring    • Disk Space Utilization    • Dropped Packets             • Printer Status

• Bandwidth                 • IO read-write time           • Spoil Hard disk Array     • Server Migrations



We provide total turnkey solutions for any WI-FI environment be it for Corporate offices or even retail centres with backend solutions. Our customers ranges from Hotel Industries, Multiple Retails outlets , Education Sectors and Corporate offices.



We provide end-to-end voice solutions to help business save up to 90% of its telecommunication costs. This cost-effective postpaid services is suitable for companies ranging from SMEs/ SMIs to MNCs/ We provide multiple Voice Solutions Including :

  • Fixed Mobile Solution (FMS) A unique GSM Solution that allows users to make calls using GSM SIM card without the need of physical analog lines, thus allowing users to enjoy low call rates.
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) With our unique partnership with various telcos in Malaysia, we are able to provide end-to-end total solutions with Data & Voice. This allows users to make call via DSL or any other Internet connection without compromising on quality of call.